nLab Paul Townsend

Paul Townsend is professor for theoretical physics at Cambridge.

Selected writings

Early discussion of the D'Auria-Fré formulation of supergravity:

On D=6 supergravity formulated on superspace:

On D=6D=6 spin representations and supersymmetry:

On D=7 supergravity (as gauged supergravity):

On 3d gravity as a Chern-Simons theory and its holographic relation to a 2d CFT boundary field theory (well before AdS/CFT was conceived from string theory):

Early discussion of the duality between type IIA string theory and M-theory in view of double dimensional reduction of the M2-brane:

On black\,D8-brane-solutions in massive type IIA supergravity/massive type IIA string theory:

On M2-M5-brane bound states:

On the 3-brane in 6d:

On black holes in D=5 supergravity:

On super p-brane sigma models perturbed around the asymptotic boundary of their own black brane near horizon geometry (related to AdS-CFT duality):

On D-brane polarization into supertubes:

On higher curvature corrections to D=11 supergravity and M-theory on G2-manifolds:

On open M5-branes intersecting M9-branes in a Yang monopole:

On supersymmetry and division algebras, the corresponding twistor space and its AdS version:

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