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There are two circle constants used in geometry, the more common circle constant π\pi representing the straight angle, and the less common circle constant τ=2π\tau = 2 \pi representing a full turn.


Leonard Euler original definition of the circle constant π\pi was the constant valued as 6.283…, which is equivalent in today’s notion as τ\tau. Euler’s definition was often used in competition with the definition 3.1415.. until the late 1700s, when mathematicians collectively decided on standardizing π\pi as 3.1415…

However, in 2010, Michael Hartl proposed that the constant 6.283… which equals 2π2 \pi is much better for mathematics than π\pi, as it would get rid of a significant number of factors of 2 from many equations, and is intuitively better for teaching and understanding subjects such as trigonometry and geometry, and proposed using the symbol τ\tau for 2π2 \pi. Since then, a few mathematicians such as Peter Harremoës have used τ\tau instead of π\pi for research mathematics, and τ\tau has been incorporated into a number of programming languages such as Python and Rust.

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