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On manifolds with rational string structure the Witten genus takes values in modular forms. On manifolds with actual string structure this refines further to a ring of “topological modular forms”. This ring is at the same time the ring of homotopy groups of an E-∞ ring spectrum, called tmf.


Relation to modular forms

Write ¯\overline{\mathcal{M}} for the Deligne-Mumford compactification of the moduli stack of elliptic curves regarded as a derived scheme, such that tmf is defined as the global sections of the derived structure sheaf

tmf=𝒪(¯). tmf = \mathcal{O}(\overline{\mathcal{M}}) \,.

Write ω\omega for the standard line bundle on ¯\overline{\mathcal{M}} such that the sections of ω k\omega^{\otimes k} are the ordinary modular forms of weight kk (as discussed there).

Then there is the descent spectral sequence

H s(M¯,ω t)tmf 2ts H^s(\overline{M}, \omega^{\otimes t}) \Rightarrow tmf_{2t-s}

and since the ordinary modular forms embed on the left as

H 0(¯,ω t)H s(M¯,ω t) H^0(\overline{\mathcal{M}}, \omega^{\otimes t}) \hookrightarrow H^s(\overline{M}, \omega^{\otimes t})

this induces an edge morphism

tmf 2MF tmf_{2 \bullet} \longrightarrow MF_\bullet

from topological modular forms to ordinary modular forms.

The kernel and cokernel of this map are 2-torsion and 3-torsion and hence “away from 6” this map is an isomorphism.


See also the references at tmf.

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The original identification of topological modular forms as the coefficient ring of the tmf E-∞ ring and the refinement of the Witten genus to a morphism of E-∞ rings, hence to the string orientation of tmf is due to

see also remark 1.4 of

  • Paul Goerss, Topological modular forms (after Hopkins, Miller and Lurie) (pdf).

and for more on the sigma-orientation see

Equivariant topological modular forms are discussed in

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