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A unitary fusion category is a C*-fusion category.




Anyonic topological order in terms of braided fusion categories

In condensed matter theory it is folklore that species of anyonic topological order correspond to braided unitary fusion categories/modular tensor categories.

The origin of the claim may be:

Early accounts re-stating this claim (without attribution):

Further discussion (all without attribution):

Relation to ZX-calculus:

Emphasis that the expected description of anyons by braided fusion categories had remained folklore, together with a list of minimal assumptions that would need to be shown:

Exposition and review:

  • Sachin Valera, A Quick Introduction to the Algebraic Theory of Anyons, talk at CQTS Initial Researcher Meeting (Sep 2022) [[pdf]]

See also:

  • Liang Kong, Topological Wick Rotation and Holographic Dualities, talk at CQTS (Oct 2022) [[pdf]]

An argument that the statement at least for SU(2)-anyons does follow from an enhancement of the K-theory classification of topological phases of matter to interacting topological order:

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