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In equivariant generalization of how the universal principal bundle with structure group the projective unitary group PU(ℋ) on a separable Hilbert space \mathcal{H} classifies the 3-twist of twisted KU-cohomology theory, so the the universal equivariant principal bundle with this structure group PU(ℋ) serves to classify the 3-twists of equivariant KU-cohomology theory.


For finite equivariance group GG and in specialization of the Murayama-Shimakawa construction, the base space of the universal GG-equivariant PU()PU(\mathcal{H})-principal bundle is

(1)PU()=TopGrpds(G×GG,PU()*)GActions(TopSpaces), \mathcal{B} PU(\mathcal{H}) \;\; = \;\; TopGrpds \big( G \times G \rightrightarrows G ,\, PU(\mathcal{H}) \rightrightarrows \ast \big) \;\;\; \in \; \in G Actions(TopSpaces) \,,

where GG acts by right multiplication on the arguments.

This space is considered in BEJU 2014, Thm. 3.5 (without reference to Murayama & Shimakawa 1995) as the equivariant classifying space for the 3-twist of twisted equivariant K-theory.

For subgroups HGH \subset G the HH-fixed locus of this space is the Borel construction

(PU()) H=Grps(H,PU()) adPU() \big( \mathcal{B} PU(\mathcal{H}) \big)^H \;\; = \;\; Grps\big(H, PU(\mathcal{H})\big) \sslash_{\!ad} PU(\mathcal{H})

of the adjoint action of PU(ℋ) on the space of group homomorphisms from HH.


Equivariant homotopy groups


For HGH \subset G any subgroup, the higher homotopy groups of the HH-fixed locus of the equivariant classifying space (1) are concentrated on the integers in degree 3 and the Pontrjagin dual of KK in degree 1:

π k>0((PU()) H)={0 | k4 | k=3 0 | k=2 Grps(H,S 1) | k=1 \pi_{k \gt 0} \Big( \big( \mathcal{B} PU(\mathcal{H}) \big)^H \Big) \;\; = \;\; \left\{ \begin{array}{cll} 0 &\vert& k \geq 4 \\ \mathbb{Z} &\vert& k = 3 \\ 0 &\vert& k = 2 \\ Grps(H,S^1) &\vert& k = 1 \end{array} \right.

(BEJU 2014, around Cor. 1.11)


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