nLab D3-D7 brane bound state



The bound states/brane intersections of D3-branes with D7-branes. The special case p=3p=3 of Dp-D(p+4)-brane bound states.

Related concepts

brane intersections/bound states/wrapped branes/polarized branes

S-duality\,bound states:



Relation to spin chain for single trace operators:

  • Marius de Leeuw, Tamás Gombor, Charlotte Kristjansen, Georgios Linardopoulos, Balázs Pozsgay, Spin Chain Overlaps and the Twisted Yangian (arXiv:1912.09338)

Relation to the K-theory classification of topological phases of matter via AdS/CFT duality in solid state physics:

  • Charlotte Kristjansen, Gordon W. Semenoff, The D3-probe-D7 brane holographic fractional topological insulator, JHEP10 (2016) 079 (arXiv:1604.08548)

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