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What are now called Hitchin functionals are functions/functionals on spaces of differential n-forms on manifolds of dimension 6 or 7, for n=3n = 3 and/or n=4n =4. They are such that their critical points characterize holomorphic 3-forms of complex manifolds in dimension 6, as associative 3-forms of G2-manifolds in dimension 7.


In 6 dimensions

Let XX be a closed oriented smooth manifold of dimension 6.

For Ω 3Γ(T *X)\Omega \in \wedge^3 \Gamma(T^* X) a differential 3-form on XX, write

  • |λΩ|( 6Γ(T *X)) 2{\vert \lambda \Omega \vert} \in (\wedge^6 \Gamma(T^* X))^{\otimes 2}

  • |λΩ| 6Γ(T *X)\sqrt{\vert \lambda \Omega \vert} \in \wedge^6 \Gamma(T^* X).

The Hitchin function on 3-forms is the function

3Γ(T *X) \wedge^3 \Gamma(T^* X) \to \mathbb{R}

which sends 3-form to the integration of differential forms of this 6-form over XX

Ω X|λ(Ω)|. \Omega \mapsto \int_X \sqrt{\vert \lambda (\Omega) \vert} \,.

In 7 dimensions

Let XX be 7-dimensional.

Let Ω 3Γ(T *X)\Omega \in \wedge^3 \Gamma(T^* X) be a stable differential form?. This determines a Riemannian metric g Ω\g_\Omega on XX. Write Ω\star_\Omega for the corresponding Hodge star operator. The Hitchin functional now is the function that takes stable forms to

XΩ ΩΩ. \int_X \Omega \wedge \star_\Omega \Omega \,.


In 6 dimensions

A differential 3-form Ω\Omega such that λ(Ω)<0\lambda(\Omega) \lt 0 is a critical point of the above functional precisely if there is the structure of a complex manifold on XX such that Ω\Omega is the real part of a non-vanishing holomorphic 3-form.

This is (Hitchin, theorem 13).

In 7 dimensions



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