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A Kähler polarization of a symplectic manifold is a polarization by a compatible Kähler manifold structure.

Given a prequantization of a Kähler polarized symplectic manifold by a holomorphic line bundle, then the polarized sections are the holomorphic sections.

Hence the concept of Kähler polarization is that special case of polarization which connects most intimately the symplectic geometry to complex analytic geometry. The generalization of this from complex analytic geometry to more general algebraic geometry is the concept of a polarized algebraic variety.

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In terms of GG-structures

In terms of G-structures this means that it is a lift from an integrable Sp(2n,)GL(2n,)Sp(2n,\mathbb{R}) \hookrightarrow GL(2n,\mathbb{R})-G-structure (integrable almost symplectic structure) to a first-order integrable U(n)Sp(2n,)GL(2n,)U(n) \hookrightarrow Sp(2n,\mathbb{R}) \hookrightarrow GL(2n,\mathbb{R})-structure (first-order integrable almost Hermitian structure).

In terms of distributions in the complexified tangent bundle


𝒫T TX \mathcal{P} \subset T_{\mathbb{C}} T X
𝒫𝒫¯=0 \mathcal{P} \cap \overline{\mathcal{P}} = 0
𝒫={Jviv|vTX} \mathcal{P} = \left\{J v - i v \;|\; v \in T X \right\}


Discussion of the functoriality of Kähler polarization quantization with respect to the choice of metaplectically corrected Kähler structure is in section 3 of

  • Lauridsen, Aspects of quantum mathematics – Hitchin connections and the AJ conjecture, PhD thesis Aarhus 2010 (pdf)

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