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An almost Hermitian structure a reduction of the structure group along the inclusion U(n)GL(n,)U(n) \hookrightarrow GL(n,\mathbb{C}) of the unitary group into the complex general linear group.

Under further embedding U(n)GL(n,)GL(2n,)U(n) \hookrightarrow GL(n,\mathbb{C}) \hookrightarrow GL(2n,\mathbb{R}) an almost hermitian structure on the frame bundle of a smooth manifold, hence a G-structure for G=U(n)G = U(n), is first of all the choice of an almost complex structure and then an almost Hermitian manifold structure.

An first-order intgrable U(n)U(n)-structure (almost Hermitian manifold) structure is Kähler manifold structure.

By the fact (see at unitary group – relation to orthogonal, symplectic and general linear group) that U(n)O(2n)×GL(2n,)Sp(2n,)×GL(2n,)GL(n,)U(n) \simeq O(2n) \underset{GL(2n,\mathbb{R})}{\times} Sp(2n,\mathbb{R}) \underset{GL(2n,\mathbb{R})}{\times} GL(n,\mathbb{C}) this means that an almost Hermitian structure is precisely a joint orthogonal structure, almost symplectic structure and almost complex manifold.


Relation to almost complex structure

Since the inclusion U(n)GL(2n,)U(n) \hookrightarrow GL(2n,\mathbb{R}) factors through the symplectic group via the maximal compact subgroup inclusion

U(n)Sp(2n,)GL(2n,) U(n) \hookrightarrow Sp(2n,\mathbb{R}) \hookrightarrow GL(2n,\mathbb{R})

an almost Hermitian manifold structure is in particular an almost complex structure. Conversely, since the maximal compact subgroup inclusion is a homotopy equivalence, there is no obstruction to lifting an almost complex structure to an almost Hermitian structure.

Relation to Kähler manifolds

An first-order integrable almost Hermitian structure is a Kähler manifold structure.

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