bosonic M-theory




In analogy to how there is conjectured to be a non-perturbative completion of superstring theory on 10-dimensional spacetimes to an 11-dimensional theory to be called “M-theory”, there has been the speculation that the bosonic string with its 26-dimensional target spacetime might have a non-perturbative completion in a 27-dimensional theory of sorts: “bosonic M-theory” (Horowitz-Susskind 00)


The term “bosonic M-theory” was coined in

The suggestion that the 26 dimensions of the target spacetime of the bosonic string could somehow be identified with the 10 even+16 odd10_{even} + 16_{odd} dimensions of the heterotic string was previously voiced in

The possibility of a theory in 27-dimensions which is the lift of M-theory through the 16-dimensional Cayley plane is in

A suggestion for how to relate bosonic M-theory to actual M-theory is in

  • Michael Rios, Alessio Marrani, David Chester, Exceptional Super Yang-Mills in D=27+3D=27+3 and Worldvolume M-Theory (arXiv:1906.10709)

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