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The incarnation of the concept of string without worldsheet supersymmetry is the bosonic string of bosonic string theory. In contrast to the spinning string/superstring.


In symplectic geometry / geometric quantization

See the reference below





The Polyakov action (but see there for more) for the bosonic string (and relation to Liouville theory in the non-critical case):

See the references at string theory for more.

Symplectic geometry and geometric quantization

The ordinary symplectic geometry and ordinary geometric quantization of the bosonic string sigma-model is discussed in the following references.

The symplectic structure and Kähler geometry of loop space is discussed in

  • M.J. Bowick, S.G. Rajeev, String theory as the Kähler geometry of loop space Phys. Rev. Lett. 58, 535-538 (1987)

  • M.J. Bowick, S.G. Rajeev, The holomorphic geometry of closed bosonic string theory and Diff(S 1)/S 1Diff(S^1)/S^1, Nucl. Phys. B293, 348-384 (1987)

  • Jouko Mickelsson, String quantization on group manifolds and the holomorphic geometry of Diff(S 1)/S 1Diff(S^1)/S^1 Commun. Math. Phys. 112, 653-661 (1987) (EUCLID)

with further comments in

  • Hendrik Grundlin, C. A. Hurst, The operator quantization of the open bosonic string: field algebra, Communications in mathematical physics 156 (1993) (pdf)

A correction of some points in these articles is discussed in

  • Sergei Merkulov, On the geometric quantization of bosonic string, Class. Quantum Grav. 9 2267 (1992) (IOP)

See also

  • Yue Yua, Han-Ying Guoa, On the geometric quantization and BRST quantization for bosonic strings, Physics Letters B Volume 216, Issues 1–2, (1989), Pages 68–74 (web)

  • Yu-liang Liu, Su-qing Chen,Guang-jiong Ni, Geometrical quantization of bosonic string with Wess-Zumino term on genus-g Riemann surface, Phys. Rev. D 41, 472–477 (1990)

  • A. D. Popov, Geometric quantization of strings and reparametrization invariance, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Volume 83, Number 3 (1990) (journal)

In multisymplectic geometry and higher geometric quantization

A discussion starting systematically with the correct symplectic form obtained by transgression from an multisymplectic extended phase space and including the BRST sector is in

  • Yue Yu, Symplectic geometry and geometric quantization for the open bosonic string in the BRST formalism, Physics Letters B, Volume 216, Issue 1-2, (1989) p. 75-80.

A detailed exposition of the multisymplectic geometry of the bosonic string together with its interpretation in 2-plectic geometry is in

and the appearance of the string Lie 2-algebra as the Heisenberg Lie 2-algebra of the string WZW-model in this context is discussed in



  • Jan Ambjørn?, Y. Makeenko, Stability of the nonperturbative bosonic string vacuum (arXiv:1703.05382)

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