G2/SU(3) is the 6-sphere



Group Theory




The coset space of the exceptional Lie group G2 by its special unitary subgroup SU(3) is diffeomorphic to the 6-sphere:

G 2/SU(3)S 6. G_2/SU(3) \;\simeq\; S^6 \,.

coset space-structures on n-spheres:

S n diffSO(n+1)/SO(n)S^n \simeq_{diff} SO(n+1)/SO(n)this Prop.
S 2k+1 diffSU(k+1)/SU(k)S^{2k+1} \simeq_{diff} SU(k+1)/SU(k)this Prop.
S 7 topSpin(7)/G 2S^7 \simeq_{top} Spin(7)/G_2Spin(7)/G2 is the 7-sphere
S 7 topSpin(6)/SU(3)S^7 \simeq_{top} Spin(6)/SU(3)since Spin(6) \simeq SU(4)
S 7 topSpin(5)/SU(2)S^7 \simeq_{top} Spin(5)/SU(2)Spin(5)/SU(2) is the 7-sphere
S 6 topG 2/SU(3)S^6 \simeq_{top} G_2/SU(3)G2/SU(3) is the 6-sphere

see also Spin(8)-subgroups and reductions

homotopy fibers of homotopy pullbacks of classifying spaces:

(from FSS 19, 3.4)


According to ABF 17 the statement is originally due to to


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