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\infty-Chern-Simons theory

∞-Chern-Weil theory

∞-Chern-Simons theory

∞-Wess-Zumino-Witten theory




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By the general mechanism of ∞-Chern-Simons theory, every invariant polynomial of total degree 2 induces a 1-dimensional Chern-Simons-like theory.


For the first Chern class

By the general mechanism of ∞-Chern-Simons theory there is a Chern-Simons action functional associated to the first Chern class, or rather to the corresponding invariant polynomial, which is simply the trace map on the unitary Lie algebra

tr:𝔲(n). tr : \mathfrak{u}(n) \to \mathbb{R} \,.

This yields an action functional for a 1-dimensional QFT as follows:

The configuration space over a 1-dimensional Σ\Sigma is the groupoid of Lie algebra valued 1-forms Ω 1(Σ,𝔲)\Omega^1(\Sigma, \mathfrak{u}). After identifying Σ\Sigma \subset \mathbb{R} this may be identified with the space of 𝔲(n)\mathfrak{u}(n)-valued functions.

The action functional is simply the trace operation

S CS(ϕ)= Σtr(ϕ). S_{CS}(\phi) = \int_\Sigma tr(\phi) \,.

Degenerate as this situation is, it can be useful to regard the trace as a Chern-Simons action functional.

For a group character, on a coadjoint orbit

For GG a suitable Lie group (compact, semi-simple and simply connected) the Wilson loops of GG-principal connections are equivalently the partition functions of a 1-dimensional Chern-Simons theory.

This appears famously in the formulation of Chern-Simons theory with Wilson lines. More detailes are at orbit method.

For a symplectic Lie 0-algebroid

A symplectic manifold regarded as a symplectic Lie n-algebroid with n=0n = 0 induces a 1d Chern-Simons theory whose Chern-Simons form is a Liouville form of the symplectic form.

This case is discussed in …


For the first Chern class

A discussion of 1d CS theory in the context of large NN-gauge theory is in

  • V.P. Nair, The Matrix Chern-Simons One-form as a Universal Chern-Simons Theory Nucl.Phys.B750:289-320,2006 (arXiv:hep-th/0605007)

An exposition of this theory formulated via an extended Lagrangian in higher geometric quantization is in section 1 of

Further discussion is in section 5.7 of

For a symplectic Lie 0-algebroid

A 1d Chern-Simons theory with target a cotangent bundle is discussed in

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