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A metrisable topological space YY is an absolute neighborhood retract (ANR) if (Borsuk 32, p. 222) for any embedding YZY \subset Z as a closed subspace in a metrisable topological space ZZ, YY is a neighborhood retract of ZZ.

A metrisable topological space YY is an absolute retract if for any embedding YZY\subset Z as a closed subspace in a metrisable topological space ZZ, YY is a retract of ZZ.



(ANR is a local property for metrizable spaces)
A metrizable topological space which admits an open cover by absolute neighbourhood retracts is itself an absolute neighbourhood retract.

(review in Hu 65, III Thm. 8.1)

(Hu 65, Prop. II.7.2)


By Prop. (see also Hu 65, III Cor. 8.3).

In fact:

By Palais 1966, Cor. to Thm. 5 on p. 3.


Let XX be an absolute neighbourhood retract (ANR) and AiXA \xhookrightarrow{i} X a closed subspace-inclusion. Then AA is an ANR precisely iff the inclusion ii is a Hurewicz cofibration.

(Aguilar, Gitler & Prieto 2002, Thm. 4.2.15)

(Dugundji 52, Kodama 56, review in Hu 65, III Cor. 8.4)


The notion of absolute neighbourhood retract is due to

Further development:

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