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In mathematics typically by default the term “configuration space” of a topological space XX refers to the topological space of pairwise distinct points in XX, also called Fadell's configuration space, for emphasis.

In principle many other kinds of configurations and the spaces these form may be referred to by “configuration space”, notably in physics the usage is in a broader sense, see at configuration space (physics).


Classifying space of the symmetric group

Let X= X= \mathbb{R}^\infty. Then

  • the unordered configuration space of nn points in \mathbb{R}^\infty is a model for the classifying space BΣ(n)B \Sigma(n) of the symmetric group Σ(n)\Sigma(n);

  • the ordered configuration space of nn points, equipped with the canonical Σ(n)\Sigma(n)-action, is a model for the Σ(n)\Sigma(n)-universal principal bundle.


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On the relation to Goodwillie calculus:

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