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String theory

Fields and quanta

fields and particles in particle physics

and in the standard model of particle physics:

force field gauge bosons

scalar bosons

matter field fermions (spinors, Dirac fields)

flavors of fundamental fermions in the
standard model of particle physics:
generation of fermions1st generation2nd generation3d generation
quarks (qq)
up-typeup quark (uu)charm quark (cc)top quark (tt)
down-typedown quark (dd)strange quark (ss)bottom quark (bb)
neutralelectron neutrinomuon neutrinotau neutrino
bound states:
mesonslight mesons:
pion (udu d)
ρ-meson (udu d)
ω-meson (udu d)
ϕ-meson (ss¯s \bar s),
kaon, K*-meson (usu s, dsd s)
eta-meson (uu+dd+ssu u + d d + s s)

charmed heavy mesons:
D-meson (uc u c, dcd c, scs c)
J/ψ-meson (cc¯c \bar c)
bottom heavy mesons:
B-meson (qbq b)
ϒ-meson (bb¯b \bar b)
proton (uud)(u u d)
neutron (udd)(u d d)

(also: antiparticles)

effective particles

hadrons (bound states of the above quarks)


in grand unified theory

minimally extended supersymmetric standard model




dark matter candidates


auxiliary fields



In string theory by a giant graviton one refers to a D-brane- or M-brane-configuration which wraps a contractible cycle stabilized not by topology (as for usual wrapped branes) or by flux (as for polarized branes), but by angular momentum, usually along the equator of the n-sphere-factor in a Freund-Rubin compactification.


In the BMN matrix model

The supersymmetric classical solutions of the BMN matrix model are configurations of fuzzy 2-spheres, corresponding to M2-brane-giant gravitons (BMN 02 (5.4), DSJVR 02).



The concept was introduced in

for branes in anti de Sitter spacetime times an n-sphere and generalized to other near horizon geometries in

  • S. R. Das, S. P.. Trivedi, S. Vaidya, Magnetic Moments of Branes and Giant Gravitons, JHEP 0010 (2000) 037 (arXiv:hep-th/0008203)

  • Andrei Mikhailov, Giant Gravitons from Holomorphic Surfaces, JHEP 0011 (2000) 027 (arXiv:hep-th/0010206)

  • J. M. Camino, A.V. Ramallo, Giant Gravitons with NSNS B field, JHEP 0109:012,2001 (arXiv:hep-th/0107142)


Further discussion:

Specifically M2-M5 brane bound state giant gravitons are discussed in:

  • J. M. Camino, A. V. Ramallo, M-Theory Giant Gravitons with C field, Phys. Lett. B525:337-346, 2002 (arXiv:hep-th/0110096)

  • Shinji Hirano, Yuki Sato, Giant graviton interactions and M2-branes ending on multiple M5-branes, JHEP 05 (2018) 065 (arXiv:1803.04172)

Relation to polarized branes

On the relation of polarized branes to giant gravitons:

Under AdS/CFT

Discussion of SYM-duals of giant gravitons and indexing of BPS states by Young diagrams:

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