nLab Hermann Nicolai

Selected writings

Introducing what came to be called the Nicolai map:

On quantization of the M2-brane Green-Schwarz sigma-model by the BFSS matrix model:

On a perturbation series for the M2-brane Green-Schwarz sigma-model quantized to the BFSS matrix model:

On relation to the string theory-dilaton under double dimensional reduction:

On the singleton representations of the orthosymplectic super Lie algebra:

  • Hermann Nicolai, Ergin Sezgin, Singleton representations of Osp(N,4)Osp(N,4), Physics Letters B, Volume 143, Issues 4–6, 16 August 1984, Pages 389-395

On gauged D=4 N=8 supergravity:

On D=3 supergravity:

On D=3 gauged supergravity and introducing the concept of embedding tensors:

On tensor hierarchies in gauged supergravity and possible relation to U-duality and M-theory:

On 4d gauged supergravity and 11d supergravity:

On U-duality in supergravity:

On E10 as U-duality-group of supergravity/M-theory:

On E9 BPS states:

On E10 and E11 representation theory:

On super-heavy gravitinos as dark matter candidates, by embedding D=4 N=8 supergravity into E10-U-duality-invariant M-theory:

On higher spin gauge theory and Kac-Moody algebras:

On quantum gravity:

On Lars Brink:

On the history of supersymmetry:

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