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In string theory, by “exotic branes” [deBoer & Shigemori (2012)] one means first of all pp-branes of small codimension D1p2D-1-p \leq 2 (“non-standard branes” Bergshoeff & Riccioni (2012)), such as

More generally, exotic branes have been argued to be U-duality-twisted objects in non-geometric backgrounds.

According to deBoer & Shigemori 2012, p. 12 all these may be identified as codimension-2 defect branes with U-duality-group monodromy.

exotic branes

Figure 1 from (BMO19). «A comparison of the objects covered by the geometric solutions (backed by orange hashing) and non-geometric solutions (backed by green hashing) out of all the branes down to codimension-22 and1 0α20\leq\alpha\leq -2, as well as their M-theory lifts. Red lines denote T-duality, blue lines denote lifts/reductions and black lines denote S-dualities


Branes of codimension 2\leq 2 are called non-standard branes in:

The terminology “exotic branes” is due to:

  1. Here α\alpha denotes the exponent with which the brane’s tension TT scales with the string coupling constant g sg_s as T(g s) αT \propto (g_s)^\alpha, according to BMO 2019, p. 2.

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