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A defect brane (Bershoeff-Ortin-Riccioni 11) is a brane of codimension 2 (hence an “exotic brane”); such as, for example

In string theory, defect branes with U-duality-group monodromy have been argued to be identified with “exotic branesdeBoer & Shigemori 2012, p. 12.


Relation to anyons

An anyon is traditionally realized as a point-particle/defect in 2+1-dimensional spacetime, hence as a codimension-2 “0-brane” (see the references here). This suggests that general codimension-2 defect branes may serve as string-theoretic models for anyons. This general observation is briefly mentioned in deBoer & Shigemori 2012, p. 65 and further developed in SS22.

Concrete implementation of anyonic defect strings in 4d TQFT is discussed in Baez, Wise & Crans 2006, Bullivant, Martins & Martin 2018 Kong, Tian & Zhang 2020, Sec. 2.2. More generally, circle-shaped defect strings are going to satisfy loop braid group-statistics, which subsumes braid group-statistics but is richer still.


Branes of codimension 2\leq 2 are called non-standard branes in:

See also:

The term “defect brane” was introduced in:

Identification of codimension-2 defect branes with U-duality-group monodromy as exotic branes:

See also:

  • Allan Bayntun, C.P. Burgess, Leo van Nierop, Codimension-2 Brane-Bulk Matching: Examples from Six and Ten Dimensions, New J. Phys. 12:075015, 2010 (arXiv:0912.3039)

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Discussion of defect (p,q)5-branes:

Discussion of codimension-2 defects in the M5-brane worldvolume, hence defect branes in little string theory (cf. 3-brane in 6d):

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On defect strings in 4d TQFT satisfying braid group- and more generally loop braid group-statistics:

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and in the 3d toric code-4d TQFT:

Incorporation of defect branes into the K-theory classification of D-brane charge by understanding the hypergeometric construction of KZ solutions as happening in twisted equivariant differential K-theory:

On defect branes in D=4 N=4 SYM via AdS/CFT:

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