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A conformal compactification is an embedding of a non-compact Lorentzian manifold into a compact Lorentzian manifold as a dense open subspace, such that the embedding is a conformal map .


The (or rather, any) conformal compactification M¯\overline{M} of (flat) Minkowski space M= n,1M = \mathbb{R}^{n,1} is important in various treatments of behaviour at infinity of physics thereon (see e.g. Penrose-Hawking theorem).

Section 4.2 of (Nikolov-Todorov) gives a thorough geometric discussion of the construction and gives explicit expressions in coordinates, and shows that (the underlying manifold of) this M¯\overline{M} is in fact (S n×S 1)/{±1}(S^n\times S^1)/\{\pm 1\}, for a specific embedding of S n×S 1S^n\times S^1 in n+1,2\mathbb{R}^{n+1,2}, and the action by scalar multiplication.

Let q(x,t)q(x,t) be the standard indefinite quadratic form of signature (n,1)(n,1) on n,1\mathbb{R}^{n,1} and define the following map n,1 n+1,2 n,1× 1,1\mathbb{R}^{n,1} \to \mathbb{R}^{n+1,2} \simeq \mathbb{R}^{n,1}\times \mathbb{R}^{1,1}:

C˜:(x,t)(x,t,1q(x,t)2,1q(x,t)2) \tilde{C}\colon (x,t) \mapsto (x,t,\frac{1-q(x,t)}{2},\frac{-1-q(x,t)}{2})

This is a diffeomorphism on its image, which can be described as the intersection of the hyperplane vw=1v-w=1 and the quadric q(x,t)+q(v,w)=0q(x,t) + q'(v,w)=0, where (v,w)(v,w) are coordinates on 1,1\mathbb{R}^{1,1} with the quadratic form q(v,w)=v 2w 2q'(v,w) = v^2-w^2. In particular, the image of this map avoids the origin in n+1,2\mathbb{R}^{n+1,2}, and rearranging the defining equation for the quadric we get |x| 2+v 2=t 2+w 2|x|^2 + v^2 = t^2 + w^2 =K=K, say, where K0K\neq 0. We can then scale C˜(x,t)\tilde{C}(x,t) to C(x,t)C(x,t) so that K=1K=1, which means C(x,t)S n×S 1C(x,t) \in S^n\times S^1. [TODO: calculate this normalisation] Then the final quotient by {±1}\{\pm 1\} gives the desired dense embedding n,1(S n×S 1)/{±1}\mathbb{R}^{n,1} \to (S^n\times S^1)/\{\pm 1\}.

One could also skip the normalisation step if desired, and pass directly to the quotient by × >0 *×{±1}\mathbb{R}^\times \simeq \mathbb{R}_{\gt0}^* \times \{\pm 1\}, treating C˜(x,t)\tilde{C}(x,t) as homogeneous coordinates.

The blog post (Wong 2009)) gives a discussion of comformal compactification in general, with Minkowski space as an example. It describes the underlying manifold of (the ‘usual’ construction of) M¯\overline{M} is S n×S 1S^n\times S^1, but then clarifies that this is a ‘double cover’.

A conformal compactification, of complexified Minkowski spacetime 3,1\mathbb{R}^{3,1}, is given by the Klein quadric. (eg, Fioresi-Lledo-Varadarajan 07, section 2). This plays a key role in the twistor correspondence.


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