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String theory


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theory (physics), model (physics)

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This page collects links related to the collection of lecture notes

on string phenomenology.

For other sources on string theory see at books about string theory or see the string theory FAQ.

See also at string theory FAQ


Course I. Topics in string phenomenology

Course II. Orientifolds, and the search for the Standard Model in string theory

Course III. Lectures on supersymmetry breaking,

Course IV. Supersymmetry and the real world

Course V. Cosmology and fundamental theory

Course VI. Spontaneous breaking of space-time symmetries

Course VII. The standard model from D-branes in string theory

Course VIII. Non-renormalization theorems in superstring and supergravity theories

Course IX. Preparing the LHC experiments for first data

Course X. String theory, gravity and experiment

Course XI. Aspects of Hagedorn holography

Course XII. Lectures on constructing string vacua

1. Introduction

2. Basics of string vacua

3. F-theory and type IIB orientifold compactifications

4. Type IIB/F-theory flux vacua

5. A geometrical toolkit

6. Statistics of flux vacua

7. Explicit realizations of moduli stabilization

Course XIII Gauge-string dualities and some applications

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