flux compactification


String theory




Flux compactifications are a variant of the Kaluza-Klein mechanism in physics.

One way of achieving moduli stabilization for KK-compactifications in Einstein-Maxwell theory or supergravity/string theory is to consider gauge fields and/or higher gauge fields in the compact space. Their (higher) field strength/curvature forms (“fluxes”) parameterize mass terms for the compactification moduli and hence may, under suitable conditions, stabilize them.



A good survey of the story of flux compactifications in F-theory is in

For F-theory-discussion see also at F-theory – References – Flux compactification.

See also

Non-geometric flux compactifications

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  • D. Mylonas, P. Schupp, R. J. Szabo, Membrane sigma-models and quantization of non-geometric flux backgrounds, arxiv/1207.0926

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