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As a variant or special sector of the AdS/CFT correspondence, the fluid/gravity correspondence re-identifies aspects of (quantum) gravity (string theory) on asymptotically approximately anti de Sitter spacetimes with those of certain fluid dynamics on the asymptotic boundary.


To the quark-gluon plasma

For example some properties of the quark gluon plasma in quantum chromodynamics are captured well by fluid dynamics, and after realizing QCD on D4-D8-brane bound states (the AdS/QCD correspondence) AdS/CFT provides a handle on this fluid dynamics in terms of the (quantum) gravity (string theory) on an ambient bulk \sim anti de Sitter spacetime.

To the relativistic Navier-Stokes equation

The fluid/gravity correspondence involves the relativistic Navier-Stokes equation on the fluid side. (BKLS 12 see Thillaisundaram 17)

But it seems to remain open whether the correspondence sheds much light on the non-relativistic Navier-Stokes equation (the one whose stability is a Millennium Problem).


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Relation to the Navier-Stokes equation:


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