hierarchy problem



physics, mathematical physics, philosophy of physics

Surveys, textbooks and lecture notes

theory (physics), model (physics)

experiment, measurement, computable physics



An issue in phenomenology and model building, notably in the standard model of particle physics. See Strassler for review.

Proposed solutions

In M-theory on G 2G_2-manifolds

In the context of M-theory on G2-manifolds (the G2-MSSM) a generic solution to the hierarchy problem is proposed in (Acharya-Kane-Kumar 12, section V.A.2 (p. 10-11)) due to control over non-perturbative effects from membrane instantons, which due to their exponential nature, provide the exponential hierarchy.


In the context of M-theory on G2-manifolds/G2-MSSM a solution is proposed in

  • Bobby Acharya, Gordon Kane, Piyush Kumar, section V.A.2 (p. 10-11) of Compactified String Theories – Generic Predictions for Particle Physics, Int. J. Mod. Phys. A, Volume 27 (2012) 1230012 (arXiv:1204.2795)

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