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For XX a smooth manifold, the traditional coboundary-relation which defines the ordinary de Rham cohomology-classes [ω]H ndR(X)[\omega] \in H^n{dR}(X) of closed differential n-forms ωΩ dR n(X) clsd\omega \in \Omega_{dR}^n(X)_{clsd}

[ω]=[ω]αΩ dR n1(X)ω=dα+ω [\omega] = [\omega'] \;\;\;\; \Leftrightarrow \;\;\;\; \underset{ \alpha \in \Omega_{dR}^{n-1}(X) }{\exists} \omega' = \mathrm{d}\alpha+ \omega

is equivalent to the concordance-relation [FSS20, Prop. 6.4]

(1)[ω]=[ω]ω^Ω dR n1(X×[0,1]) clsd{ω=ω^| 0, ω=ω^| 1. [\omega] = [\omega'] \;\;\;\; \Leftrightarrow \;\;\;\; \underset{ \widehat{\omega} \in \Omega_{dR}^{n1}(X \times [0,1])_{clsd} }{\exists} \; \left\{ \begin{array}{l} \omega = \widehat\omega\vert_{0} \,, \\ \omega' = \widehat\omega\vert_{1} \,. \end{array} \right.

But the latter concordance-relation immediately generalizes to flat L L_\infty -algebra valued differential forms

Ω dR(X;𝔞) clsdHom dgAlg(CE(𝔞),Ω dR (X)) \Omega_{dR}\big( X; \mathfrak{a} \big)_{clsd} \;\; \coloneqq \;\; Hom_{dgAlg}\big( CE(\mathfrak{a}) ,\, \Omega^\bullet_{dR}(X) \big)

with coefficients in any L L_\infty-algebra 𝔞\mathfrak{a}, which reduces to the ordinary case for 𝔞b n1\mathfrak{a} \equiv b^{n-1} \mathbb{R} the line Lie n n -algebra.

Therefore it makes sense to define [FSS20, Def. 6.3]:


The non-abelian de Rham cohomology of a smooth manifold XX with coefficients in a L L_\infty -algebra 𝔞\mathfrak{a} is the set of concordance classes of flat 𝔞 \mathfrak{a} -valued differential forms on XX:

(2)H dR(X;𝔞)Ω dR(X;𝔞) clsd/concordance. H_{dR}\big( X ;\, \mathfrak{a} \big) \;\; \coloneqq \;\; \Omega_{dR}\big( X ;\, \mathfrak{a} \big) _{clsd} \big/ \mathrm{concordance} \,.



With (1) it follows that the ordinary de Rham cohomology in degree nn is equivalently non-abelian de Rham cohomology with coefficients in the line Lie n-algebra b n1𝔲(1)b^{n-1}\mathfrak{u}(1):

H dR(X;b n1𝔲(1))H dR n(X;b n1). H_{dR}\big( X ;\, b^{n-1}\mathfrak{u}(1) \big) \;\; \simeq \;\; H^n_{dR}\big( X ;\, b^{n-1}\mathbb{R} \big) \,.


In higher gauge theories of Maxwell-type, nonabelian de Rham cohomology of a Cauchy surface with coefficients in an L-infinity algebra characteristic of the theory’s Gauss law reflects the total flux of the higher gauge fields.

See at geometry of physics – flux quantization the section Total flux in Nonabelian de Rham cohomology.


Recipient of non-abelian character map

For 𝒜\mathcal{A} (the homotopy type of) a topological space which is nilpotent (for instance: simply connected) and of rational finite type (all its rational cohomology-groups are finite-dimensional \mathbb{Q} -vector spaces) one may regard the homotopy classes of maps into 𝒜\mathcal{A} as the nonabelian cohomology classified by 𝒜\mathcal{A} (the non-abelian cohomology in degree=1 with coefficients in the loop space \infty -group Ω𝒜\Omega \mathcal{A} ):

(3)H(X;𝒜)π 0Maps(X,𝒜)π 0Maps(X,BΩ𝒜)H 1(X;Ω𝒜). H\big( X ;\, \mathcal{A} \big) \;\; \coloneqq \;\; \pi_0 \, Maps\big( X ,\, \mathcal{A} \big) \;\; \simeq \;\; \pi_0 \, Maps\big( X ,\, B \Omega \mathcal{A} \big) \;\; \equiv \;\; H^1\big( X ;\, \Omega \mathcal{A} \big) \,.

For example, in the case that

𝒜K(n,A) \mathcal{A} \,\equiv\, K(n,A)

is an Eilenberg-MacLane space for a discrete abelian group AA, this reduces to ordinary cohomology:

H(X;K(n,A))H n(X;A), H\big( X ;\, K(n,A) \big) \;\; \simeq \;\; H^n(X;\, A) \,,

or if

𝒜KU 0BU× \mathcal{A} \;\equiv\; KU_0 \,\simeq\, B U \times \mathbb{Z}

is the classifying space KU0_0 for complex topological K-theory, then this reduces to to complex topological K-theory:

H(X;KU 0)K(X). H\big( X ;\, KU_0 \big) \;\; \simeq \;\; K(X) \,.

Generally, if \mathcal{E} is an Omega-spectrum of spaces, then

H(X;E n)E n(X) H\big( X ;\, E_n \big) \;\; \simeq \;\; E^n(X)

coincides with the Whitehead-generalized E E -cohomology.

Now the rationalization-unit η 𝒜 :𝒜𝒜 \eta^{\mathbb{Q}}_{\mathcal{A}} \,\colon\, \mathcal{A} \to \mathcal{A}_{\mathbb{Q}} followed by suitable extension of scalars along \mathbb{Q} \to \mathbb{R} induces cohomology operations in the non-abelian cohomology (3), to what may be called non-abelian rational cohomology, and non-abelian real cohomology with coefficients in 𝒜\mathcal{A}

(4)H(;𝒜)H(;𝒜 )H(;𝒜 )H dR(;𝔩𝒜), H\big( -;\, \mathcal{A} \big) \longrightarrow H\big( -;\, \mathcal{A}_{\mathbb{Q}} \big) \longrightarrow H\big( -;\, \mathcal{A}_{\mathbb{R}} \big) \;\; \simeq \;\; H_{dR}\big( - ;\, \mathfrak{l}\mathcal{A} \big) \,,

and, shown on the right, a non-abelian version of the de Rham theorem — given essentially by the fundamental theorem of dg-algebraic rational homotopy theory — identifies this non-abelian real cohomology with coefficients in 𝒜\mathcal{A} with the non-abelian de Rham cohomology (2) with coefficients in the real-Whitehead L L_\infty -algebra 𝔩𝒜\mathfrak{l}\mathcal{A} of 𝒜\mathcal{A}.

For the case that 𝒜=KU 0\mathcal{A} = KU_0 the cohomology operation (4) coincides with the Chern character on complex topological K-theory, and generally for 𝒜= n\mathcal{A} = \mathcal{E}_n a term in an Omega-spectrum it coincides with the Chern-Dold character map on Whitehead-generalized cohomology (Prop. 7.2).

Therefore, it makes sense to refer to (4) generally as the character map on nonabelian cohomology taking values in non-abelian de Rham cohomology (FSS20, Part IV).


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