nLab quantum complexity theory



Quantum systems

quantum logic

quantum physics

quantum probability theoryobservables and states

quantum information

quantum computation


quantum algorithms:

quantum sensing

quantum communication

Constructivism, Realizability, Computability



complexity theory for quantum systems and quantum computation

Quantum complexity classes

Quantum complexity classes:


Original articles:

Introduction and review:

  • Umesh Vazirani, A survey of quantum complexity theory, in: Samuel J. Lomonaco (ed.): Quantum Computation: A Grand Mathematical Challenge for the Twenty-First Century and the Millennium, Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics 58, AMS (2002) [doi:10.1090/psapm/058]

  • Richard Cleve, An Introduction to Quantum Complexity Theory, p. 103-127 of: Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Theory, World Scientific (2001) [arXiv:quant-ph/9906111, [doi:10.1142/9789810248185_0004]


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