According to the brane scan, a super 2-brane sigma model exists on superspacetimes of dimension 4,5,7,11.



Early speculations trying to model the electron by a relativistic membrane are due to Paul Dirac:

  • Paul Dirac, An Extensible Model of the Electron, Proc. Roy.

    Soc. A268, (1962) 57-67.

  • Paul Dirac, Motion of an Extended Particle in the Gravitational Field, in Relativistic Theories of Gravitation, Proceedings of a Conference held in Warsaw and Jablonna, July 1962, ed. L. Infeld, P. W. N. Publishers, 1964, Warsaw, 163-171; discussion 171-175

  • Paul Dirac, Particles of Finite Size in the Gravitational Field,

    Proc. Roy. Soc. A270, (1962) 354-356.

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