nLab Quantum Information Meets Quantum Matter


Quantum systems

quantum logic

quantum physics

quantum probability theoryobservables and states

quantum information

quantum computation


quantum algorithms:

quantum sensing

quantum communication

This page compiles material related to the textbook:

on topological phases of matter/topological order characterized via concepts from quantum information theory, such as short- or long-range (topological) entanglement entropy.

Part I – Basic concepts in quantum information theory

Sec. 1 – Correlation and Entanglement

Sec. 2 –Evolution of Quantum Systems

Sec. 3 – Quantum Error Correcting Codes

Part II – Local Hamiltonians, Ground States, and Many-Body Entanglement

Sec. 4 – Local Hamiltonians and Ground States

Sec. 5 – Gapped Quantum Systems and Entanglement Area Law

Part III – Topological Order and Long-Range Entanglement

Sec. 6 – Introduction to Topological Order

Sec. 7 – Local Transformations and Long-Range Entanglement

Part IV – Gapped Topological Phases and Tensor Networks

Sec. 8 – Matrix Product States and 1D Gapped Phases

Sec. 9 – Tensor Product States and 2d Gapped Phases

Sec. 10 – Symmetry Protected Topological Phases

Part V – Outlook

Sec. 11 – A Unification of Information and Matter

  • string-net theory?

  • string-net liquid?

  • string-net condensation?

… an article should be made about the string-net description of gauge theory, as detailed in this chapter.

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