Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity




JT-gravity (Teitelboim 83, Jackiw 85) is gravity in 1+1 dimensions with a dilaton.


Relation to near-extremal black holes

JT-gravity gives a good approximation to the AdS-factor in the near horizon geometry AdS 2×S d2AdS_2\times S^{d-2} of near-extremal black holes in dd-dimensional spacetime (NSST18, MTV18).

Via the AdS/CFT-dual of JT-gravity (Almheiri-Polchinski 14) given by random matrix theory (Saad-Shenker-Stanford 19, Stanford-Witten 19) this allows to compute genuine quantum gravity-aspects of near-extremal black holes, such as notable their microscopic black hole entropy. Computations are now under way…

Notice that near-extremal black holes have been observed in nature, by the Chandra telescope see eg here.



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Relation to random matrix theory (via AdS/CFT and topological recursion):

Application to near-extremal near-horizons

Application to near horizon geometry of near-extremal black holes:

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