Schreiber Topological Quantum Gates in Homotopy Type Theory

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Gauss-Manin connections on twisted cohomology in traditional literature.pdfp. 231 in Voisin
Gauss-Manin connection on twisted cohomology as dependent function type transport.pdfp. 69 in TQG
Configuration spaces, braid groups and their finite presentations.pdfpp. 13 in TQG
KZ-connection on 𝔰𝔲 ( 2 ) \mathfrak{su}(2) -anyonic conformal blocks as dependent function type transport.pdfp. 76 in TQG
Identified via FSV94‘s hypergeometric integral-construction of Laughlin wavefunctions.pdfp. 32 in Ord
The quantum adiabatic theorem and topological quantum gates.pdfp. 21 in TQG
Need for certified topological quantum language.pdfpp. 3 in Tow
A case for linear homotopy type theory.pdfpp. 3 in QM
Quantum modalities from dependent linear types.pdfpp. 69 in QM
(Deferred) Quantum measurement from Quantum modalities.pdfpp. 78 in QM
Doubly monoidal model category for dependent linearly-typed topological quantum gates.pdfpp. 1 in EoS

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