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The introduction of the Z kZ_k parafermions [[1]] in the context of statistical models and conformal field theory [2] is perhaps one of the most significant conceptual advances in modern theoretical physics [[DGZ02]]


We caution the reader that the level-kk Read-Rezayi wavefunction [[10]] is constructed from a conformal field theory (CFT) known as the Z kZ_k parafermions of Zamolodchikov-Fateev [[32]] type which is closely related to the SU(2) kSU(2)_k Chern-Simons theory, and which is a different object from the parafermions of the Fradkin-Kadanoff-Fendley type [[46]]. To avoid confusion we emphasise at this point that within this paper, all mention of parafermions will refer to Fradkin-Kadanoff-Fendley type. [[CFRS00, p. 1]]

In fact the Zamolodchikov-Fateev parafermions represent a critical point at the transition into a phase described by Fradkin-Kadanoff-Fendley parafermions. [[CFRS00, p. 9]]


Related to the fractional superstring.



ZF type

Introducing parafermion 2d CFT:

Further discussion:

  • Xiang-Mao Ding, Mark. D. Gould, Yao-Zhong Zhang, Twisted Parafermions, Phys.Lett. B 530 (2002) 197-201 [[arXiv:hep-th/0110165]]

FKF type

Relation to SU(2)SU(2)-WZW model

For ZF parafermions

Relating parafermions to the affine su(2)-current algebra/WZW model (su(2)-anyons):

On boundary conditions (BCFT/D-branes) for the gauged WZW model via parafermions:

See also:

  • Gor Sarkissian, pp. 75 in: Two-dimensional conformal field theories with defects and boundaries RTN (2016) [[pdf]]

For FKF parafermions

Relation to anyonic topological order

As models for su(2)-anyon wavefunctions:

An integrable model for N\mathbb{Z}_N-parafermions:

Relation to topological phases of matter with topological order:

On twisted parafermions:

  • Xiang-Mao Ding, Mark Gould, and Yao-Zhong Zhang. Twisted Parafermions. (2001). arXiv:hep-th/0110165

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