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In solid state physics, an impure form of diamond may be obtained where, in the center of the Bravais lattice, carbon nuclei are replaced by a nitrogen nucleus and a vacancy, referred to as the nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond (often short: NV center).

In such a material, the spin of one of the electron orbitals bound to the nitrogen nucleus has a long quantum decoherence time and lends itself to manipulation by spin resonance.

from AHWZ18, Fig 1

Therefore NV center spins serve as a platform for spin resonance qbits, used in quantum sensing, quantum information processing and simple quantum computing.


Original articles:

  • J. M. Taylor et al., High-sensitivity diamond magnetometer with nanoscale resolution, Nature Phys 4 (2008) 810–816 [doi:10.1038/nphys1075]

Review and further discussion

Application to quantum sensing:

  • Jixing Zhang, Lixia Xu, Guodong Bian, Pengcheng Fan, Mingxin Li, Wuming Liu, Heng Yuan, Diamond Nitrogen-Vacancy Center Magnetometry: Advances and Challenges [arXiv:2010.10231]

  • Mouzhe Xie et al., Biocompatible surface functionalization architecture for a diamond quantum sensor, PNAS 119 8 (2022) e2114186119 [arXiv:2108.04843, doi:10.1073/pnas.2114186119]


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